Saturday, October 31, 2009

Unmetered Web Hosting

The World Wide Web is perhaps one of the most dynamic business environments today. In such an environment, you can never be 100% certain as to what your requirements are when it comes to your websites web-hosting needs. Your website (or websites!) may grow and expand. As a result of this you will require more disk space and larger amounts of bandwidth. You may also require a greater number of MySQL databases and email accounts. If you have a simple content-driven website then it may not grow as it isn't dynamic. It is there as an informative resource and therefore will not change or grow. However, even with this type of website, the problem with a limited web host is that an extremely large influx of traffic may use all your available bandwidth thus rendering your site unavailable. An unmetered web host will ensure that your site is always available regardless of the amount of traffic it is receiving.

There is really only one viable option when choosing your web hosting solution and that is one that offers unmetered resources such as bandwidth and storage space. The best possible web hosting solution would provide unmetered services that include:

Data Transfer / Bandwidth
Data Storage / Disk Space
Domains / Sub-Domains
Email Accounts / Forwarders
MySQL Databases

It is now no longer necessary to pay for every single byte of data you transfer. It is much easier and much more cost efficient to pay a single fee for unmetered bandwidth. You can never be certain as to what your monthly bandwidth usage will be so it pays not to have a specific bandwidth limit which may result in you having to pay fees for excessive usage. Avoid these large fees altogether by ensuring your web host offers unmetered data transfer.

You are also subject to penalty charges if you have to exceed your allocated disk storage space. You will be unable to use extra disk space without having to contact your web host and requesting that extra storage is made available. This may be a lengthy procedure which will waste time that could be invested more productively elsewhere. If you have a dynamic website which may rely on user contributions you will never be certain as to what your storage requirements will be. It is vital that you have a web hosting solution that provides you with unmetered storage space; otherwise you may experience downtime as a result of you running out of resources.

An unmetered web hosting solution will be much cheaper than the limited alternative. You will now be able to host all or your websites from one account rather than having a number of different accounts and being charged for their different services. A single unmetered web host will allow you to manage your web presence much more efficiently and save you a lot of money in the process. Gone are the days where you will be charged for excessive bandwidth usage. You will never have to contact your web host requesting more resources again.

Ultimately if you really value your website's web presence then unmetered web hosting is a must. You cannot afford downtime due to a lack of resources; be it because of data transfer or storage space. There really is no excuse as unmetered web hosting is available. Use it!

By : Natalie Wilkins
Natalie Wilkins owns A web hosting company that puts the customer first. A professional solution for beginners to advanced, for personal web hosting to business web hosting.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Reasons for Choosing a Linux Hosting Plan

When you have your own website, you may get confused whether you want to avail of a shared host plan or not. Deciding over this is something which you think over carefully. There are some web hosting services which are offered at expensive costs, while there are some services which are provided for a low price. When you choose a cheap host plan over a plan which requires a lot of budget, you will be able to get various benefits.

Opt for the Affordable Web Hosting Services of The Magic Host

Choosing web host services is a decision which you have to consider, especially when you already have a website. If you have more than one site, a shared hosting plan can be of great importance. With the low-cost charges of shared hosting, you will be able to transfer or restore your sites without preparing a huge budget. When you want to make an investment out of your websites, you should make sure that your money does not go to waste. Being definite with your plans entail you to make a wise decision regarding the most suitable type of hosting plan. In order for you to get the most affordable web hosting services, go for The Magic Host.

The Hosting Plans of The Magic Host

When you go for the web hosting services of The Magic Host, you will be provided with several choices of operating systems such as:
• Windows
• Oracle
• Solaris
• Linux
• FreeBSD

Why Linux is Cheaper and More Reliable

One of the well-known types of hosting plans at The Magic Host is Linux. Compared with other plans, Linux is relatively cheaper due to various reasons.
• While there are monthly fees, you are not required to settle setup fees. This means that you are not obligated to pay for the start-up services.
• If ever you have begun to pay for the services that you have availed of and you are not satisfied with what you are getting, you are entitled to get your money back. However, this guarantee lasts only for thirty days after you have availed of the plan.
• You are offered with great reseller privileges, which you can avail of at a low cost.
• There are several Linux hosting plans to choose from, all of which you can upgrade to a wider bandwidth and disk space. Aside from free setup, the domain name is also offered for free.

The Advantages That You Get from The Magic Host

When you are tied up to the permanent virtual host plan of a company, there is a way out for you. The Magic Host has affordable terms which you can buy out. Even if this company is already your web hosting provider, you can still buy out terms from other companies. When you go for the shared hosting services of The Magic Host, you will benefit from its low prices. For as low as $4.50; you will be able to develop a website for your business. With the reseller privileges that the company provides to its clients, you will be able to manage your website fully. Some of these reseller privileges are triple backup, WHM access, WHMCS support and billing system, private name server, and other terms. It is up to which term you want to purchase.

By : themagichost
There are various types of web host plans and services offered by The Magic Host. When you choose a cheap host plan over a plan which requires a lot of budget, you will be able to get various benefits.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Six Things To Look For When Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

If you have never owned, operated or set up a website, then it can be confusing when it is time to choose a hosting firm or a hosting plan for your new website. The best way to deal with this confusion is to learn as much as you can about web hosting and then ask questions to your prospective web hosting firm about any points that are still not clear for you. To help you out, here are six factors to consider when choosing a hosting plan:

1. Disc Space - This is the amount of space on the server that you will have for your website files. In recent years the cost of disc space has fallen, and most web hosting plans allow you ample space, especially if you are only hosting one website. The files for a normal website should not take up more than 50 mb. However if you plan to host mp3 files or an extensive image collection then it could be much higher. In any case many web hosting plans now allow you several gigabytes of storage.

2. Bandwidth - How much data transfer does your web hosting plan allow you to make in a month? Whenever someone views one of your web pages she is in effect downloading the html file to her computer along with all the image files. If you have a lot of traffic and if your site has large files for downloading or streaming, then you will need a good quota of data transfer every month. It is hard to generalize about bandwidth needs, but many websites hardly use more than one gigabyte of data transfers per month. Once again, as with disc space, many web hosting plans now allow several gigabytes of transfer per month.

3. How many domains can you host? - If you plan to construct more than one website then you should choose a hosting plan that allows you to accommodate more than one domain on your section of the server. Who knows, you may want to set up a satellite website once your first website is established? If you think you need more than one website then look for a plan that allows multiple domain hosting.

4. Email facilities - One of the big advantages of having your own website is the ability to set up email addresses, forwarders and auto responders for yourself and for other members of your organization. Check to see how many email-addresses you can set up, either as POP accounts, which can be read online or downloaded with an email client such as Eudora or Outlook Express, or as aliases that forward to existing email accounts. Again, as with bandwidth and disc space most hosting plans allow you many more email accounts than you will ever use.

5. Control Panel - Before you buy a hosting plan, ask to look at a demo of the control panel which you will be using to administer your site. The control panel is the place where you can check the visitor statistics, add or delete email accounts, install scripts and make other technical changes for your website. The control panel should be easy to use and you should take some time to understand what it is all about before purchasing your hosting plan.

6. Are there pre-installed scripts? - The Internet is becoming more interactive, and you will probably want to add elements that will allow your visitors to contact you or even add content. For example, you may want to install a blog on your site or a bulletin board. It can be quite difficult to install these items if you are not a technical "nerd." However, many hosting firms now provide instant one-click installation of the programs that drive blogs, bulletin boards, guest books and similar interactive elements. If you plan to use any of these interactive features, make sure that the hosting plan that you are getting offers the possibility of easily installing these items.

These are the some of the main things to consider when you are choosing your web hosting plan. But remember one rule of thumb: if you are not sure about any of the features of the hosting plan then ask your web hosting firm to explain it to you in plain English.

By : Fei Lim
Fei Lim operates Flizard Technologies,, which provides web hosting services, web design services, domain name services, and other internet services.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do You Know How To Read The Signs Of A Bad Web Hosting Company?

With the proliferation of web hosting companies to choose from and even local operations springing up in spare bedrooms it is becoming increasingly difficult to discover the bad web hosts and separate them from the reputable ones.

One of the first signs of a bad web hosting company that should set off sirens and warning bells in your head is lack of support. This is the easiest and quickest way to tell, if the company isn?t returning your phone calls or emails then it?s simple, they are no good. This is typical of the type of web hosting companies we see springing up all over the internet that have no support staff and offer no customer support whatsoever. Be careful and stay away from the small fly by night web hosts. Cheap can be costly in other ways, I like to test them ahead of time by calling in to ask about features and see how long I have to wait on hold listening to elevator music or how many push button prompts I have to go through to get a real person.

Still another way to check out a web host is to look at their profit. If the web host you are looking at is traded publicly take a look at their profit reports, if they are then you?re in good shape, if not you probably want to look elsewhere. If you are looking at a private hosting company take a look at the prices they are charging, are they the cheapest or are they in the middle? It is best to choose someone in the middle as those offering the cheapest are either cutting features, have no support, or are simply not making enough money to be able to remain a viable business.

Another easy to see issue is constant price changes. If the web hosting company is constantly adjusting prices it indicates they don?t know what they are doing or they are starving from charging to little to begin with and are now having to make adjustments.

For hobby sites or web sites that really don?t matter much it may not hurt you tremendously to have a bad experience with a web host, but if you are like many of us on the internet and are actually trying to earn a living, a bad web host can destroy your business overnight. Keep close tabs on the web hosting company you choose until they have proven themselves to be trustworthy.

By : Gregg Hall
Gregg Hall is an author and internet marketing consultant living in Navarre Florida. Find more information on low cost web hosting at