Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Best Website Hosting Providers - Value-Added Services To Expect From Them

What make the best website hosting providers are the value-added services offered and provided by them. Such features make the services more ideal.

The Domain Name

You could opt to buy a domain name for your website from the best website hosting providers. Such companies would definitely offer to settle your domain registration under, of course, your name. This provision should be stated out and detailed clearly by the service provider. If not, you could check it from the company's FAQs (frequently asked questions) section. If the information is not given, contact the provider to ask about it.

Be warned. If the web host registers your domain under other people's names, your online site would surely have a problem about it. If you realized it eventually, you might be too late because there could be a difficulty in switching to a higher plan or to a new web host provider in the future. If you aim to get even with unlikely web hosts, you may need to file for UDRP or Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy, which would certainly cost more than the combined costs of the web hosting service and the domain name registration.

Useful Control Panel

The control panel is a value-added service feature that facilitates easier maintenance. It could even be considered as a necessity; thus, the best website hosting providers usually offer it. The tool would allow you to regularly maintain and modify your website account details, including email mailbox deletions or additions, resetting of passwords, web count reports generation, statistics, and web additions. Business online sites should secure this feature.

Currently, the most popular and most sought-after web host management program is cPanel. The software is actually a next-generation website host control panel system, which allows management of your own domain using a specific web interface. It could enable you to transfer control of your site management to yourself from your host. The best website hosting providers understand that you prefer to manage most aspects of your backup, emails, files, statistics, FTP, and scripts.

Other Value-Added Services

The best website hosting providers could offer and provide several other value-added features or services. The auto-installer script could help you save ample time for installing an image gallery, a forum, and a content management system. The procedure could take just a few seconds and could be performed even by novices. You would be spared from the usually tedious tasks linked with installations.

An online website builder is also a must. The added service or feature would enable you to design your website in just several minutes without any need to possess site creation knowledge and software. An example of this is what is called as the Site Studio, an editing program that is easy to use and is ideal for controlling themes and color schemes and for using ready-made templates for more convenience.

By: Alan Lim
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shared Hosting - Read More About It

If you're looking for a more affordable option when it comes to hosting your website then shared hosting is a great option to look into. If you're unfamiliar with it, shared web hosting basically refers to a kind of web host wherein you will be sharing one server with other websites.

It is actually the most popular choice for website owners because it is cheap and easy to use. One server alone could have hundreds of small websites sharing its space and resources. Since you'll be sharing the cost with other people, it becomes much more affordable when compared to getting a dedicated web host.

For smaller businesses and personal website owners, a shared web host is the top choice. After all, they wouldn't require as much space or resources to run their relatively smaller websites.

What are the advantages of using a shared web host? Well, besides having a more affordable price tag it is also great for beginners who might not know much about website hosting. Basically, it does not require you to know anything about the specifics of administrating and managing a server because all of that falls onto the shoulder of your provider.

It is their responsibility to make sure that the server is running well and it is also their duty to fix any glitches or bugs that the server might have. All you really need to worry about is your own website. You can leave the technical side to the experts working for the web host company. Now, all of these might sound good and well but as with most things, there are also disadvantages to using a shared web host.

The first of which would be the fact that you'll have limited resources and would have to pay extra if you wish to expand further. Because you're sharing the space with other websites, your web host is bound to place limitations regarding the available amount of disk space, email addresses, data transfers and domains that you can have. Some even impose restrictions on running scripts as these can reduce the performance for everyone on that particular server.

Second, you might become the victim of a selfish neighbor. There are instances wherein a website on a particular server has been marked by search engines as banned and it affected every other site on said server. This isn't anything new and it does happen so if you end up with a black sheep in your flock, your website might end up getting negative effects from it too.

Now, to avoid the above mentioned, it is important that you choose a reliable web host. There are many options out there that could provide you with stability and security without burning a hole straight through your pocket. All it takes is a bit of research and a lot of reading in order to find the best one based upon the testimonials provided by people who have used the services before.

So there you have it, a quick overview of the different things that every website owner must know about shared hosting and what it entails.

By: Sean A. Moronse
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