Friday, July 31, 2009

Reseller Web Hosting Explained

Reseller web hosting is a web hosting service that re-bundles services available from real hosts or primary providers. Reseller web hosting could be an individual or small business that makes use of the bandwidth and web servers of a higher tier provider or primary host and resells the same to the customers by offering value added services like web designing, domain registration and web programming.

Most real hosting companies allow reseller web hosting in order to boost their sales. Recently, a significant number of web hosting businesses have infiltrated the internet with an eye on the ever-growing number of people who are jumping online. In order to remain competitive, hosting companies look for ways to market their services to a greater number of people rather than offering their services individually. This leads to the business of reseller web hosting accounts. In reseller web hosting, real hosts are able to generate bulk businesses and delegate individual clients to reseller servers. In turn, reseller web hosting businesses look after some individual client's needs. This is a win-win situation for both, since real hosts will have an intermediary in the form of reseller web hosting to individual customers without having to attend to them one by one. The reseller is also able to put up a business and earn income without having to shell out capital outlays. Although in some instances they do compete with each other for a fair share of the web hosting market, the real hosts can still benefit from this set-up considering they do charge a certain amount from resellers.

The services offered by a reseller web hosting service do not really differ from a real host. As a matter of fact, reseller web hosting offers more features to the customers. Due to the added value services, reseller web hosting can offer web design and programming services to each customer that are often times not possible from real hosts. Real hosts tend to focus on bulk accounts and corporate clients. Reseller web hosting offers value added services to customers in order to maintain a competitive edge against bigger web hosting services.

Reseller web hosting is also better able to establish friendly relationship with their customers that go beyond the contract terms. This is the secret for those successful reseller web-hosting services. They fill the need that bigger hosting servers cannot provide. Those who want to start a reseller web hosting business are advised to look for a real host, such as Hostgator or It is very easy to obtain a reseller account from a real host these days.

If you need simple hosting services for your web site and you prefer to have personal attention from the web host for design and programming then a reseller web hosting account is highly recommended. However, if you have a business website that requires complex e-commerce solutions, have a very large number of customers accessing your web site or you have a large number of websites to be hosted, a reseller hosting would probably not suffice. This is particularly true for e-businesses. For this, you need a real host provider for your web site.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Viewing the Levels of Affordable Web Hosting

These days, affordable web hosting plans are a dime a dozen. If you have a multitude of companies that all tout the same things, how do you know where to turn for your web hosting needs? Do you break the tie amongst these entire affordable web hosting plans based on price alone? Or, do you delve a bit deeper for bandwidth or growing room? The problem is that web hosting plans have been attainable to the average person for a few years now.

While you now know that affordable web hosting is a reality, the decision to choose one company in particular has become harder than ever. Do not despair however. If you compare plans and they are all similar in scope and price, then you have to determine just one characteristic in which to base your decision.

If your website is for personal use and you do not plan to use it as a money-making enterprise, then you can probably blindfold yourself and just point at an affordable web hosting plan. However, if you plan to use the website for your business, you might want to determine exactly what affordability means in the scheme of what you require now and what you anticipate needing in the future. In other words, you will want a web host that will grow with you, not one that you will outgrow.

Even if your needs are small at the moment, you have that hope that your business will take off in a big way. If this does happen, you will need to revamp your website at some point. Can you upgrade your affordable web hosting plan to something else? If so, will the new plan offer what you need in terms of customer service and technical support? These two aspects are crucial to a growing website which cannot afford any down time.

Another growth factor to look into is your possible increasing need for additional marketing tools and email capacity. Can your affordable web hosting plan morph into a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs? Also, if you depend on your website being up and running with no down time, you will want to re-investigate your web host’s server capacity and whether they offer backup services in case of hardware failure.

When you are first starting out, your affordable web hosting plan may have stipulated that you would be on a shared server, meaning that you shared bandwidth and disk space with other entities on one server. Since not everyone will use their allotted facilities, it all works out. However, if you anticipate that you will outgrow your plan, you will want to choose an affordable web hosting plan which allows for growth into your own dedicated server or virtual private server.

Perhaps the most important factor in choosing an affordable web hosting plan that grows with you is the comfort factor. Do you trust that your company will grow with you and continue to offer the level of service it boasts? If so, can sift through your wants, anticipated growth and comfort level, then you will have narrowed your affordable web hosting plan options down to one.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Web Hosting Extras You Are Gonna Love

Web-hosting companies are plentiful, which means that those looking for quality web-hosting services have the chance to shop around and find the best solution to suit their website.

Below are some of the little extras that you should watch for. Some of the web-hosting companies may offer these as part of your package, others may ask a small fee for them. Either way, grab them because you will love them.

Dedicated IP
You may have seen web-hosting services around that offer their customers dedicated IP and maybe you have wondered if this service is for you? In a nutshell, Dedicated IP (internet Protocol) means that your website account has a unique address and that no other account holders share that server.

Most websites have the same server or a shared IP. The problem with a shared IP is that, if someone on the shared server sends out Spam and is blacklisted, you will be blacklisted too. By having your own unique IP address, you will have a better chance to rank well in the search engines. For peanuts, you can protect yourself from being punished by other people's disregard of Internet etiquette

In today's world of hackers and Internet spies, it is a must to have proper protection to keep your computer and your interests secure. By making sure that you have proper anti-virus protection that is updated regularly by a professional company, you will have less chance of having security breaches or losing out because of the damage done by hackers.

Anti Spam guards will sort through your emails, getting rid of the rubbish, such as Spam and junk mail, leaving you with only the e-mails that you want. Many anti Spam controls will allow you to pick and choose who you receive emails from and have a reporting system to blacklist those who send out Spam or unwanted advertising.

Anti-Spam will not only save you time and effort when going through your emails, it will also give you more control over your inbox. If your web-hosting company doesn't provide this to you for free, consider it carefully as an extra that you can't do without.

Multiple web mail options
Multiple web mail options will give you the freedom to pick and choose which services are the best for you and the people you have using it. This means more control and being able to have things just the way you like them.

Statistics systems
Many web-hosting services have more than one statistic system available. You can gain valuable information from each of the statistics systems and compare them side by side for a complete analysis of how your website is progressing and how visitors and targeted traffic are reaching your site. This is a must for online and E-commerce businesses.

Before opting for a web-hosting service, you should make sure that the web-hosting provider offers these services to their customers and at what price. Web-hosting services are very competitive, so make sure that you shop around and get the best deal and the best extras.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where to Get Cheap Web Hosting

Now a day there is a fierce competition to provide a plethora of hosting services. There are companies just vying to gain your business. Most of them offer web hosting services for free. You might wonder where the catch is, until you consider the numerous advertisements that pop up on your site. This can be a put off for many visitors who come to your site. They may look elsewhere because of the irritating pop-ups or adverts that keep coming up. So how does one avoid the consequences of free website hosting services? By opting for paid but cheaper hosting services of course!

That brings us to the next question – where to get cheap web hosting? There are plenty of companies that offer cheap hosting solutions. However there are several tricks to help you decide which the best one for you is.

Space. The first requirement is space. If you happen to have files that occupy too much disk space or bandwidth, then it’s best to choose a company that offers a large site that enables downloads too.

Email. Most web hosting companies will provide email support free of cost. One thing to remember while considering where to get cheap hosting is that storage and viewing of emails will surely take up disk space.

Customer Service. Most web hosting service providers are notorious in their customer support. Therefore, it helps to choose a vendor that has good support.

Downtime Issues. The last thing you want is for your website to experience downtime issues. So while looking for where to get cheap hosting consider the amount of uptime your host will provide you. Uptime should ideally be 99.5% to qualify a hosting provider as being good. That means, your site will be inaccessible for at most 7.2 minutes in a day.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

How to Easily Choose The Right Web Hosting For Your Business?

If you have had made the decision to get online and are looking for business web hosting to get your regular brick and mortar business on the internet, congratulations, it?s about time!
Seriously, if you don?t have a web presence for your business on the internet you are missing out on a lot of business and much of it is free!

With the proliferation of business web hosting companies available to choose from it can be a confusing process to sort through them all but if you just take it a step at a time and first identify the web hosting needs for your business it will be easier. You need to ask yourself questions such as, "Do I need a dedicated server or can I get by with a shared server?? Unless you do a large volume of business on the internet chances are you don?t need a dedicated server, which can cost you anywhere from $150 to $500 a month. Most businesses can get by with just a regular shared server or virtual server and have web hosting expenses under $30 a month. The price will vary from around $10 a month to as much as $50 depending on how much bandwidth and disk space you need.

If all you are doing is basically putting up an informational site or a blog about your business you will not require much space and probably not a shopping cart although I cannot imagine putting a business website up without one.

Don?t deal with any fly by night web hosting companies that are running their hosting out of their bedroom. You want to be able to get 24/7 support in case you have any problems and you want to be sure that they have minimal or nonexistent down time. Remember that if their servers are down so is your business website. Make sure they have a money back guarantee, all of the reputable web hosting providers do. The company should also make it very easy for you to upgrade or downgrade your services and most will offer you a discount if you pay annually or quarterly instead of monthly. This can make a large difference in your annual web hosting expenses so definitely check into it.

The choice of a business web hosting company is not one to be taken lightly. As we move more and more into the progression of total internet business that is sure to come it will become even more crucial to have the right web hosting, it can very well be a life or death decision for your business.

By : Gregg Hall
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